[First Last Name] [Home Address] [City, CA. Zip Code] Google Inc. Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway Mountain View, CA 94043 [Date] Re: Request for change of name on Google Maps Dear Mr. Schmidt, This letter serves as a formal request to revert the geographic name of “Liancourt Rocks,” as displayed on Google Maps, back to "Dokdo". As you are perhaps aware, the new reference, "Liancourt Rocks", is a name taken from a French whaling ship in 1849. While an interesting article of colonialist trivia, this Eurocentric reference cannot possibly stand as the formal name of a modern-day Korean island. We petition you to consider the absurdity and cultural insensitivity of this recent renaming and ask that you reinstate the island’s true name, “Dokdo.” As of October 2012, your company changed the name of Dokdo, a Korean territory, to “Liancourt Rocks.” Furthermore, by removing the name “Dokdo” and replacing it with the name “Liancourt Rocks,” we can only conclude that your company, Google, is disseminating news that the island's ownership is challenged. We believe that your company has no intention of becoming involved in the complicated diplomatic row between Korea and Japan over Dokdo. However, renaming these islets creates the impression that Google has chosen to display its allegiance to Japan over Korea. We express regret and concern about your company's decision. The measure is not just a distortion of present day geopolitics, but also a violation of our sovereignty and denial of historical facts. We are not asking your company to take a position. Instead, we are asking that you understand and respect the history of this island. We are asking you to reinstate the name “Dokdo” based on the actuality of history. Please return the name of “Dokdo” to our island. Thank you for taking the time to consider our request. Sincerely, [Your Signature] [Your Name]

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To Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman